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Fuhattan Copper and Carbon Fiber REAL Magnet Ameraclone Manhattan w1-FUH 1:1 Clone 


*** In original package ***

*** Latest and most updated model ***

*** Available in Carbon Fiber with Copper Top and Bottom Caps ***

*** Unit comes with the MOD, and Extra Contact Pins ***



  • Copper Top and Bottom Cap
  • Copper Firing Button 
  • Measures almost 1 inch in diameter
  • Roughly 3 inches tall (22mm)
  • Ultra Smooth Threads and Threading
  • Hard Hitting Copper Contacts
  • 18650 Copper Tube
  • FU logo
  • No Circuit Board (True Mechanical Mod)
  • Copper Floating Atomizer Contact Pin (510 Center Pin)
  • Magnetic Button
  • A powerful “rare-earth” magnet button design with a built in fail safe to ensure this Mod cannot fail “On”.
  • 100% Copper Firing Button
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Authenticity: Guaranteed 100%

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