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Vulcan 22mm Dual Heat Sink 3-Post 18650 RDA  


Dual Top and Bottom Fin Design Give Dynamic Heat Dissipation Mechanism
Dynamic Air-Flow Management 
Down to .1 Sub-ohm Capability (Tested)
Solid 304 Grade SS Construction 
Very High-Quality 

Hi-Grade Clone From Vapor Science - Critically Vetted - Well Tested

Vulcan RDA High Grade 1:1 Clone

Originally made in Japan The Vulcan RDA Clone is a three-piece design dripping atomizer that was built from a foundation of functionality and quality: A top and bottom heat fins that make sense! With the bottom base/fin carved out of a single solid piece of stainless steel, heat-dissipation has gone to a whole new level! No more over-heating MODs due to long draws. A unique air-vent and AFC design that brings the vents closer to the coils. Super-deep juice well that under passes the two side posts allowing maximum space utilization. The result is a product of quality you should expect. 

The Vulcan Atomizer is made with the followings:
  • Full stainless steel
  • Single solid piece construction
  • Revolutionary "under-passing" juice well
  • A truly functional bottom base heat sink
  • Innovative AFC side walls
  • Double Laser cut vent holes
  • Red copper bottom contract pin/screw
  • PEEK insulators
  • 3 sets post screws out of the box
  • Precise machining 
  • Truly a RDA that has both amazing performance and unbelievable price!
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